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6829_patch_final3Mission Statement

Duke Dive Medicine is dedicated to providing expert medical care for dive injuries and advancing dive medicine research and education.

Since its inception 48 years ago Duke Dive Medicine has been the leader in the medical care of injured divers.  With its 120 years of combined attending physician practice experience, Duke remains the world authority in dive medicine, research and education.

Duke Dive Medicine treats individual patients and provides consulting services for divers, businesses and government agencies.

Duke Dive Medicine physicians are experts in critical care medicine,  fully licensed, and practicing members of the Duke Medical Center faculty. All are board certified in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. (personnel)

Duke Dive Medicine is part of the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina

The Physicians at Duke Dive Medicine are the Doctors for Divers. 


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Diving Medicine Consultation Services and Hyperbaric Chamber Safety Seal of Compliance

The physicians and staff of the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology are available for onsite consultation regarding hyperbaric chamber maintenance and certification, medical and technical education and diving related research in any part of the world. Our consultants are experts in the field who address complex problems with knowledge, experience and efficiency. …

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Referring and Collaborating Organizations and Links

American Academy of Underwater Scientists A non-Profit group composed of diving scientists who are dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of standards for scientific diving.     Association of Diving Contractors The ADC, Int. has companies from 42 nations throughout the world; all pledging to comply with the ADCI Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving Operations. …

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Medical FAQ

CANCER Can I dive after being treated for cancer? That depends on a number of factors.  Cancer varies widely in location, severity, and treatment.  For example, surgical excision of tumors in the sinuses or lungs can create air pockets that may not be well-vented, in which case they could be damaged by pressure changes during …

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1. What is Duke Dive Medicine? Duke Dive Medicine is a medical practice specializing in the physiology of human exposure to extreme environments. 2. Who is Duke Dive Medicine and what do they do? Duke Dive Medicine is composed of fully licensed, board certified physicians and other medical professionals who work at the Duke Center …

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Our calendar of conferences, gatherings, events, seminars, meetups and other goings-on of interest to the Duke Dive Medicine community.

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UHMS Fitness to Dive Course

Additional Fitness to Dive Materials Commercial Diving Medical Issues UHMS best practices DCS AGE Fitness to Dive International Standards (multiple nationalities, compressed file) PFT1  

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