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Current Duke UHM Fellows (2014-15)

Miguel Alvarez Villela, MD



Miguel is originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras and attended Medical School in Pamplona, Spain. From there he went on to complete his Residency in Internal Medicine at Bridgeport Hospital-Yale University in Bridgeport, CT. His interest has been centered in applied physiology and the cardiovascular system. He became interested in Hyperbaric Medicine because of its potential applications in cardiovascular disease. After his Hyperbaric Medicine fellowship, Miguel plans on going on to a Cardiology Fellowship. In the future he hopes to contribute to the developing relationship between these two fields. Miguel plans on returning to his home country after training where he also wishes to help palliate the epidemic of diving related injuries that currently affects the Miskito Indians in eastern Honduras

Nicole Harlan, MD

nicoleAlthough she grew up in Washington, D.C., Nicole has been a longtime resident of North Carolina.  She attended Davidson College and trained at UNC in Internal Medicine.  She first became interested in oxygen metabolism while studying how oysters respond to hypoxia in the Chesapeake Bay.   This interest, combined with a love of undersea and space exploration, led her to fellowship in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.  When she’s not in a hyperbaric chamber or daydreaming about comparative physiology, she tries to discover every great spot to hike around Salt Lake City–a difficult but worthy task.


Brye Roberts, MD


Mona Parikh, MD

Mona Parikh


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