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Last Year’s Duke UHM Fellows (2013-14)

Medford Labcoat BWMarlon Medford, MD

Marlon is an avid recreational diver, having grown up in and around the beautiful waters of the Caribbean sea. He completed medical school at the University of the West Indies (2004) in his native Trinidad and Tobago. After a 2 year hiatus from medicine in which he travelled the world diving and back-packing, he moved to New York where he trained in Internal Medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center (2012) before coming to Duke. marlonAt Duke Marlon worked in the Piantadosi lab studying redox signaling pathways in the sepsis mouse lung by using hyperbaric oxygen to modulate the inflammatory response to sepsis leading to abstract presentation, journal and textbook publications. In June 2014 Marlon will complete his training in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine before moving to Miami to pursue fellowship training in Critical Care Medicine at the Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami.


Judith Viola, DOjude


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Andrew Moffat, DO



Jonathan Stabile, DO jonathan











Heath Gasier, PhD

Heath Gasier

Heath is Lieutenant in the United States Navy, Medical Service Corps, who serves as a research physiologist. Heath is a navy trained SCUBA diver and previously performed diving and submarine specific research at the Naval Submarine & Medical Research Laboratory, Groton, CT prior to arriving here to complete a research fellowship in hyperbaric physiology. He currently is working on research projects aimed at identifying the mechanisms involved in central nervous system and pulmonary oxygen toxicity under the mentorship of Dr. Claude Piantadosi and Dr. Ivan Demchenko.

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